Muse Mythology – a revisionist account

I have always claimed that I have a Muse named Wanda who helps inspire my writing. Well, as it turns out, I recently discovered a rare tract about the myths and legends of the Greek Muses (editors note: no he didn’t; he’s making this up), and Wanda had been given a Homeric like epithet. She was known to her fellow Muses as one who was cheerful, mellow, always had a smile on her face, and was a terrific baker of brownies, and so named her Wanda The Merry One. This is not to say that she can’t be a little feisty when she’s doling out inspiration; indeed, she often gives me story ideas for two books ahead of the one I am writing.  For the sake of brevity, however, I will from now on call her Merry Wanda.  🙂