A change in focus and Wanda returns from holiday

Well, my peeps and fellow travelers, we here at We Can’t Help It, We’re Morons Creative Authors Inc, have this important announcement. After a brain storming session with my better than average and surging towards excellence staff, it has been decided to shelve the short stories and concentrate on book two. It became apparent that the stories needed a bit more tweaking and it is felt that the time would be better served by working on Sundering. As I plan on adding more short stories about future generations of Mallory’s and Clarke’s this will work out nicely.
As to book two, not much to report…my Muse, Wanda, has been on vacation/holiday, doing an extended walkabout in the Scottish Highlands. She sent me some photos of her sitting atop a heather covered hill, a glass of 30 year old Scotch in her hand and being waited on hand and foot by a trio of bare chested, kilt wearing Scotsmen. She informed me that she was now heading to Maui; she has an urge to compare her kilt wearing entourage with some grass skirted Polynesian warriors..She also hinted I should change genres and do romance novels. You know, the saucy stories of forbidden loves and torrid affairs; the ones with the covers of scantily clad, beautiful women draped in the arms of a totally unrealistic human male form – more like gods than men, they’re Thor, Osiris and Apollo come to earth. Anyway, I abhor the thought of lowering myself to that type of novel…though they do tend to sell very well..NO – Get thee behind me, thou foul thought!! But wait, I could write under a pen name – yeah, Ocho Maximus and his scintillating, titillating and very popular series – Frontier Loves. The first volume, My Mohawk Lover, the story of the 30 year old wife of a Congregationalist minister and her torrid affair with a younger Mohawk brave during the turbulent French and Indian War.
I will resist, methinks…and now, back to book two. 😎

I do want to add that I haven’t been totally negligent in the writing department…have written quite a few book reviews lately…if you care to peruse, the link is: