Enthralling Read – a new review of Clash

My entire knowledge around the French Indians Wars comes from two Hollywood movies. Last of the Mohican and the far better Drums along the Mohawk. So my review is purely based on the author’s prowess in telling a good yarn. Two European powers(super powers of their day) position themselves to win control of the America’s. As is the case in these matters, it is the ordinary families, who would rather get on with their lives, that are caught in the middle. One such family is the main protagonists of the story, the Mallory’s. Dangerous times made even worse by the many disgruntled tribes, of which their were many (Far more than I was aware of). But thats enough spoilers from me…
The story itself is not over complicated but well thoughtout and presented. The characters are well developed and give the story both authenticity and drive. There is a plethora of characters on all sides of the storyline, its always good to see the oppositions point of view, which are well drawn with no one dimensional bad guys in sight. The story moves along at a decent pace and keeps the reader’s interest. To sum up its an excellent read which certainly convinced this reader to eagerly await the next instalment and perhaps even read up further on the era and its complexities.

Robert Southworth author of the Spartacus Chronicles and Ripper Legacies


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