Nice review of Clash of Empires

Review by Charles LeFurge
Reminiscent of the historical fiction novel “Last of the Mohicans”, Mr. Bennett’s book, Clash of Empires”, provides similar action and adventure, but greater historical accuracy over a longer period of time in our early American Colonial experience.  This is truly a good historical adventure story in the period of the American Indian Wars.  The characters, their language, the geography, and the story lines and transitions are very well presented, and very descriptive.  The Mallory family is a great central cast, and is the driving force of the book – a generational family.  Mr. Bennett has created a winning formula here.  This book is a compelling read.  It makes the period experience seem real, natural, and convincing.  The battle scenes, the smaller conflicts, the struggles and relationships between colonialist, Indians, and the French and British are very realistic for the period.  The way he injects true historical figures of the period with his fictional characters is seamless.  Clearly Mr. Bennett has done his homework on the history, the period, characters, and the language.  Likely to be a series, “The Mallory Saga”, will be a huge success if succeeding books are as good a read as this one.

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