Update on Clash of Empires

The fourth and final beta reader has come through big time, and I quote, ‘I’ve finished my feedback for you. Hopefully you’ll find it constructive and useful. I’ve given you my personal thoughts from a reader-perspective as well as some formatting advice. I loved the story and it was a delight to read such a fast-paced tale set in a location I’ve never read in before. Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this, I’m very grateful and can’t wait to see it progress.’  

That’s pretty much what all four had to say and that makes me happy.  Interesting to note that they all had slightly different comments or suggestions which would imply I have lots of work to do.  Now I’m not denying that I do have lots of work to do, but could some of those comments/suggestions be looked at as just personal preferences rather than something I need to change?  Would like to hear from some of my author peeps about that.  🙂

So now I begin the second draft edit while trying to hold at bay the new character I introduced in Sundering of Empire, Marguerite…she has garnered my attention lately and could play an important role.


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