from the prologue of Sundering of Empire

Donehogawa’s village along the Mohawk River – July 1767

Donehogawa, venerated chief of The Wolf Clan was dead.  He died peacefully in his sleep with his wife Onatah beside him.  Wahta and Pierre kept vigil outside the lodge letting Onatah have their last moments together be private.  He had survived a plague of dysentery a couple years ago but it had left him in a weakened condition that he never fully recovered from and a summer fever was too much for his body to combat with any success.  The elders of the Bear and Turtle clans arrived to prepare the body for burial.  Donehogawa’s body was carried to the village’s communal longhouse, entering through the east facing door and placed with his feet facing the western door of the longhouse.  Once the words of condolence were completed, he was carried out the western door to the freshly dug grave.  The people of the village all attended the burial of a man who was beloved for his wisdom and compassion and so the family of the deceased would be taken care of the 10 day mourning period; at the end of which a large meal would be prepared for the village and during which Donehogawa’s family would give away all of his possessions.   To Wahta they presented Donehogawa’s favorite war lance; to Pierre, his medicine pouch.  They also gave Wahta the chief’s finest wolf pelt to give to Otetiani to remind him of his wolf clan father.


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