A Little Gratitude – part 3


I know most of you have been waiting patiently for this, my report on my favorite authors of Roman historical fiction.  I do sincerely apologize for the interminable wait and offer up some feeble, yet relevant excuses.  As you are, or should be, aware, I am in the editing phase of my book and that takes up a good portion of my creative process time.  The other mitigating factor is that I have been immersed in a slew of really good books and as a direct result, the rest of my creative process time has been filled with reading and then reviewing.

So, without further ado or deliberation or that most heinous of sins, procrastination, here come the Romans.  As I mentioned in part 1, Colleen McCollough started me down this path but after finishing that series my soul cried out for more.  Enter Simon Scarrow and his Cato and Macro books.  Well, I devoured the the first five in the series and that caught me up while I waited for number six to be published but still I craved more.  I remember going to Amazon and based on my reading of Scarrow, they recommended the Marius Mules books by Simon James Atkinson Turney.  Like the Scarrow series, I read all of them so quickly that I had to wait for number four to come out.  In the meantime I contacted SJA Turney via Twitter and soon found myself swimming in Roman hist-fic…so many wonderfully talented  authors…so many great books…:

Simon Scarrow – Cato/Macro

SJA Turney – Marius Mules and now Praetorian

Gordon Doherty – Legionary and Strategos series

Robert Fabbri…Anthony Riches…Douglas Jackson…Nick Brown…John Salter…Alex Gough…Kate Quinn…Ruth Downie…Ben Kane(sorry for the late addition)  🙂

I highly recommend all of the above…and that ain’t all of them by a long shot(or a bolt from a ballista.)  🙂

Take care….turn off the TV and read a book…and write a review – the author’s best friend.


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