A little gratitude – part 2


Before I venture into the realm of the Roman historical fiction genre and the authors I follow, I thought I would mention some of the side effects of social media.  When I began this read and review process a couple years ago it was due to a Twitter conversation I had with the author of the very fine Marius Mules series by SJA Turney(more on him and his work later).  He pointed me in the direction of some other authors whose work I might enjoy.  From that and my own search I soon branched out from reading only ancient stories and entered the world of medieval Europe, a time period that I had only a passing interest in.  I tended to jump right from 430 BC to 1775 and the American Revolution, skipping most of the other history along the way.  That soon changed when introduced to Angus Donald and his series on Robin Hood – a vastly different take on the famed outlaw than what is commonly portrayed – add to that Steven A. McKay’s books on Robin, books that offer yet another version of him…great stuff indeed.  Another fine series that is set in Britain in the same time period but written from the point of view of a totally fictional character(Ned Elder) are the Feud books by Derek Birks.  Going back a little further to 1066 and William the Great, there are the likes of Martin Lake & Glynn Holloway.  If like the Tudor period then the aforementioned Martin Lake’s A Love Most Dangerous is a must read.  If you want to read about Britain after the Romans pulled stakes and left, Wulfsuna by Elaine Moxon is a wonderful tale as is Matthew Harffy’s Serpent Sword  If you’re looking for something a little more widespread than just Britain then you cannot go wrong with the Gisborne books by the very gifted Prue Batten.  Now I hear some of you saying, ‘what about the Crusades, the Templars, the Hospitallers.’…well check out Robyn Young’s trilogy or The Holy Lance by Andrew Latham.

Before I go any further with this I should point out that this is not an exhaustive list…I’m sure to miss some book or author that I read and enjoyed, so here’s the link to my book review blog – https://hooverbookreviews.wordpress.com/  .

I’m beginning to see that this will need a part 3 so I will close this with some alternative historical fiction.  Alison Morton has written the Roma Nova series – tales about a remnant of the Roman Empire that exists in the modern day time period – taut and exciting thrillers to say the least.

More later.  🙂


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