The events are real, subject, of course, to fictional intrusion :-) – part 4


Among the many challenges facing me in putting together a full length novel was concocting enough material to fill the spaces between the war chapters.  After all life continues in some fashion even in a dangerous frontier.  So in addition to writing battle scenes full of action, gore, death and bravery there were also other things like character development in some of the other human endeavors.  My characters had to feel friendship, loyalty, betrayal, success, loss and to my surprise they had to find love.  I don’t know what was harder to pen, the battle stuff or the romance; both were fun to figure out.  In chapter one we see a romantic relationship between Liza and Henry that had it’s roots prior to the beginning of the book.  I like the way it played out with Liza being the more forceful one; I also had fun with their dialogue – I just can’t seem to write without having some humor involved.  There are a couple more love stories that involve the two brothers, Daniel and Liam.  I don’t know that I originally intended to have as many romances as I have but the thought occurred to me that if I wanted to carry this story on into a family saga covering over 100 years then I needed characters having sex and having kids.  Now don’t get all in a tizzy, nothing graphic mind you just pure and wholesome descriptive behavior.  🙂


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