The events are real, subject, of course, to fictional intrusion :-) – part 1

Since I happen to read a lot of historical-fiction, I found it as no surprise when I started thinking of writing a full length novel that it would be of that genre.  It was more of a challenge to find the setting, the time period, the historical event to write about.  It didn’t seem prudent to look to ancient history even though Egyptians, Greeks & Romans fill my bookshelves both with historical and fictional tomes and while I may know a bit about those civilizations, I felt more comfortable tackling something closer to home.  Besides, I have come to know a few authors(via social media) who are much more attuned to those time periods than I could ever be.  The same holds true for the Dark Ages, medieval Europe, the Crusades, The Norman conquest of Britain, etc,etc.  Fortunately for me there is an abundance of material to choose from in the forming of the United States and the historical sites are a lot closer to me than the Roman ruins in Europe and Britain.  🙂

The French and Indian War turned out to be the perfect precursor to the colonies breaking free from King George and that in turn spurred my idea for a series of novels that would follow a fictional family through American history in the 18th and 19th centuries.  The name of the family, Mallory, I took from my own family history.  My paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Mallory and she hailed from central PA. (Altoona) where Clash of Empires primarily takes place.

more to come in part 2…


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