Official Blog for Clash of Empires – all others are fake

A blog to follow the exploits of novice novel writer Paul Bennett, that’s me.  I have recently completed the first draft of Clash of Empires.  A story of The French & Indian War and how that conflict affected a fictional colonial frontier family, the Mallory’s.  The Mallory siblings Daniel, Liam and Elizabeth are the main characters though not really the only ones.  Their friends, loves and acquaintances all play their parts facing the same trials, tribulations and triumphs.  In addition to the fictional characters, we meet a few historical figures as well; such as a young George Washington in his first command in the Virginia Colonial Militia, General John Braddock and his fateful expedition to take Fort Duquesne (modern Pittsburgh) from the French and the Ottawa war chief Pontiac who may or may not been the principal leader in Pontiac’s Rebellion.

As has been proven without a doubt throughout human history it is a fact that humans beget more humans.  That being the case the plan is to write a series following the Mallory clan on through The Revolutionary War, a new Republic is born/War of 1812, the troubling period leading to the Civil War/Indian problems, The Civil War, and finally the westward expansion of the 1870’s and 80’s.  A seemingly daunting project indeed but first I must get the first one out there.

Having received an edit and comments report from my friend and my son Jacob’s father-in-law, Oliver Ford, I am now plowing through that.  Huh, I just realized that there is a character in my book named Oliver Ford.  What a coincidence!  I have also gotten a chapter by chapter commentary from another good friend, Charles LeFurge so I have material to ponder and reflect on.  Hey!  There’s a French Lieutenant named Charles LeFurge in the book.  Another coincidence?  Actually there are not a few characters named for friends in the book and this being a book that a.) is about a war and b.) was a brutal period anyway, some of the characters named for friends die in the book; some of them rather brutally.  Nothing personal, mind you, just an easy way to come up with names.

Another new thing for me besides writing and editing will be my attempts to “market my brand”…   My first venture in this part of the process was to create a Facebook Page…here is the link

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One thought on “Official Blog for Clash of Empires – all others are fake

  1. I am Charles LeFurge, LT LeFurge in Paul’s book. As a good friend, I die an inglorious death. Paul is like that. Actually, Paul’s first book is amazing. He captures the period, the language, and the history using compelling storytelling. A must read for any history buff, a great read for everybody. Now, get that book published Paul!


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